Rumors and Gossip

Rumors & Gossip

1. The woodsman Thoric has reported that a raging, towering grizzly bear is now rampaging in a wooded area known as Apple-tree Glade. The creature, now referred to as “Old Froth Mouth”, killed two of Thorics mules, and has driven two other woodsmen out of the area.

The town mayor is offering a reward of five gold ducats, for the removal of the bear from the area.

2. “Rats the size of DOGS” have been reported infesting the cellar of Classons Mill, bringing the various productions there to a halt. Classon, bandaged and well scratched-up, has called upon the Red Rangers to take care of the infestation.

Clayton is offering “Dread Dog Stout”, “FOUR HAND KEGS!” to those who take care of the rat problem, permanently.

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Rumors and Gossip

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