Playable Professions

Pure Spell Users

- Alchemist [Essence]:

- Animist [Channeling]:

- Cleric [Channeling]:

- Healers [Channeling]:

- Illusionist [Essence]:

- Lay Healer [Channeling]:

- Magician [Essence]:

- Mentalist [Mentalism]:

- Seers [Mentalism]:

Hybrid Spell Users

- Archmage [Channeling | Mentalism | Essence]:

- Astrologer [Channeling | Mentalism]:

- Mystic [Essence | Mentalism]:

- Sorcerer [Essence | Channeling]:

Semi-Spell Users

- Bard [Mentalism]:

- Paladin [Channeling]:

- Ranger [Channeling]:

- Nightblade [Mentalism]:

Non-Spell Users

- Barbarian:

- Burglar:

- Fighter (Warrior): Primary arms specialists. Find it easy to develop a variety of weapons, as well as wear heavier types of armor. They are less skilled in maneuvering and manipulating mechanical devices such as locks and traps. They have greatest difficulty of learning anything related to spells.

- Rogue: Some expertise in thief ability, and a more specialized knowledge of arms than that possessed by fighters. Normally a rogue will be almost as good as fighter with one weapon of their choice. Skill points will be slightly higher than a thief, but his flexibility will be unmatched by either profession.

Thief (Scout):

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