Red Rangers

The Campaign

The Red Rangers

Nestled just on the edge of the Shadowbark Forest, one can find the village of Dragongate.

Dragongate, hundreds of years ago, was actually called Thistledown. Thistledown was 90% burned to the ground by a wing of Red Dragons, with about the only building surviving being the main gate protecting the town. Hence, the name change.

Slowly overtime the village was rebuilt, and by the current day almost all signs of the dragon attack from the past has been removed. Except, those scorch marks left on the original main gate, as a remembrance to those who perished the dreadful attack.

Dragongate sits on the edge of the civilized frontier, benefiting from wood cutting in the forest and mining taking place up in the Smallboulder Hills. The village is full of hardy folk, predominately human with a small scattering of elves and hobbits. The only dwarf in the village, Brindle, runs a small bookstore and library. The mayor is elected every three years with the current mayor, the Lady Janice, holding the position for the last nine years.

To protect the village, and those working outside of it, sell swords are recruited to make up the force known as the Red Rangers. Only those born in Dragongate, hold positions of command and authority. Village locals who become members of the Red Rangers, are looked upon very favorably, often granted small boons by merchants and others within the area.

The game begins, with the players joining the Red Rangers, seeking adventure and knowledge!



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